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  • I am not entirely sure if it’s related or not but I’m working on a story with a similar concept. A man is trapped in a room inside his mind for a very long time. The room is shaped according to his personality. But how would that look, exactly? I imagine him to be an intellectual and an inventor. Therefore, there would be books and electronic compoments in the room. As the time goes on the room begins to break down. The walls crack, lights dim, objects expire, darkness takes over as his mind darkens and he goes insane. Not completely insane. He still remembers who he is and his memory is intact. But his goals, manners etc. have changed. But is simply making the room decay enough to portray the state of his mind? The room is still recognizable which means he still has qualities from his former self. And that is true. But I also plan on showing a larger scale place that surrounds the room. I am conflicted wheather those areas should look similar to his room or look different than it to imply most things in his mind have changed?

  • I’m an extrovert, and I was a gifted kid. I haven’t been gaslit about my abilities, and I was supported and encouraged as a kid. I know what I’m capable of, and I know my limitations. I love myself, and wouldn’t choose to be anyone else.

    I’m the exact same. Well, perhaps saying “exact” is too much. Let’s just say “similar” instead. I love myself so much.

    To me, compliments feel like someone passing judgement on me, like they’re putting themselves in a place above me so they can judge me. I’m aware that’s not what they’re doing, but that’s always been what it feels like to me.

    While I personally think they aren’t judging me, I sometimes feel like I’m doing exactly what you have described when I compliment people. I try to compliment people whenever I can in order to make them feel good and while it works, I feel like I’m above them for doing so.