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  • You are my favorite person, I appreciate you! :D

    Seriously, thank you for supporting. I’ve worked with softsynths all my adult life, mainly Reason for production and arranging, Ableton for live shows. One of my bandmates is a gearhead, we’ve tried all kinds of his hardware including modular stuff, and it was just a learning curve that I was not really interested in. My music production time is really limited (One of my bandmates and his wife just adopted 2 kids out of foster care, and my other bandmate is a full time teacher), I only get about 4 hours a week to actually collaborate with them. Every time we’ve tried writing and creating with hardware, it just left us with getting nothing done during our once a week session. We stick with the softsynths we know and keep the train moving forward. So the balance struggle there is, do we take several sessions off to try something new? Or do we keep creating and being productive. Its tough.

  • I appreciate what you are doing and am glad you found something that you enjoy. I’ve tried to contribute music to game development before, and each time the project ended up falling apart and the game never finished. I even wrote a score for an independent film once… then covid hit, funding fell through, and the movie was left in post production hell. I’ve released a ton of stuff on my own, but as a big ol video game nerd, I would love to breach that medium.